Egyptian Actress Sherine Breaks The Mold With Latest Character On ‘Taghyeer Gaw’

Since the release of its promo, a lot of us were excited to see the electrifying duo of Menna Shalaby and Eyad Nasser on “Taghyeer Gaw” (A Change Of Scenery) but when the first episode came out, audiences were captivated by an entirely different relationship dynamic, that of Sherifa (Shalaby) and her on-screen mum played by the legendary Sherine. From the get-go, we understood that Sherifa is a struggling interior designer who is attempting to sell her family home to afford to pay for her mother’s stay in a rehab facility.

That’s when we first got to meet Sherine and discover how she does not want Sherifa to sell the house and is refusing to sign a Property Sale Agreement. It was refreshing getting to see the flamboyant and hilarious Sherine, one who everyone has been used to seeing in fan-favorite theatrical productions like “Al Motazawegoon” (Married Couple) transform into a disheveled, stubborn and unstable drug addict housed within a rehab facility.

Known for her comedic chops, we got to see a lot of her natural humor in the first episode especially during the group therapy session scene. Throughout the session, she took on a cynical air, constantly interrupting whoever was speaking, and even claiming that taking two or four sleeping pills a night does not make her a drug addict.

Via Shahid

Her loud and stubborn persona became even more intense in the presence of her daughter. In the final scene when Sherifa dropped her a visit, Sherine completely broke down and started screaming, still adamant on not selling their family home. Yet in that same moment, she ended up apologizing to her daughter, showcasing a moment of tenderness between the two.

Based on just the first episode, we are expecting to see more of this fluctuating intensity between the two characters which will make for some tantalizing on-screen drama. Beyond the Scoop Team, all across social media, a lot of people enjoyed the first episode with some viewers even predicting it to be their favorite this Ramadan.

With that, we look forward to see how the show will unfold and how it will explore the relationship between Sherifa and her mother.

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