Get Ready for SimiHaze Beauty: Palestinian DJ Duo Launches Bold Makeup Brand In The Middle East

US Palestinian twin sisters Simi and Haza, also known as world-renowned DJs, have a big treat for makeup lovers. They’re launching their beauty brand, SimiHaze Beauty, across the branches of Sephora Middle East. Their first stop will be in Dubai on Thursday, where they’ll showcase their brand to the masses.

The idea for the brand came when the two sisters were putting stickers on their faces and realized that stickers could be turned into eye makeup.

Brought to life in 2021, the brand has grown to popular demand because of its unique line of stick-on makeup designs that are easily applicable to the face. It’s a makeup line all about eccentricity and striking looks, emulating the spirit of the twin sisters.

Their stickers come in packs and feature a wide range of designs that are inspired by their old favorite DJ looks, including chrome wings, neon negative space eyeliner, and holographic cat eyes.

Beyond that, their brand expanded and now includes other cool products like lipsticks, balms, bronzing powders, and much more.

The makeup line will also make its way to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and later Kuwait.

With the brand being Palestinian, it’s a special way of bringing the nation forward and a refreshing celebration of Palestinian success stories and businesses amidst the ongoing genocide.

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