Huda Kattan Promotes Pro-Palestine Cosmetic Brands & Here Are 5 Of Them

Huda Kattan, the founder of one of the most leading cosmetics brands ever, ‘Huda Beauty’ since the launch of her successful brand has been known for her philanthropy to a variety of humanitarian causes around the world. Now, For anyone who is a fan of Huda on social media knows how much she dedicates of her content to speak about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Huda is currently a devout boycotter, and since she specializes in all skin care and beauty products related, she made sure to spread awareness about brands that support Palestine, or are run by Palestinian women.


The founders Simi & Haze are of Palestinian origin. Although Simihaze is a cosmetics brand yet that did not stop its founders from dedicating a big part of their social media content to spreading awareness and facts about the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Their brand packaging is mingles between minimalism and smooth functionality.

Best-selling product: Mini lip Balm

About-Face Beauty by Halsey

Did you know that your favorite female singer also has her own makeup brand that is vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free that also happens to support Palestine? Halsey has answered the call.

Best Seller: Cheek Freak Blush


Founded by Mohammed Hindash. This brand bridges the gap between cosmetics and gender stereotypes. The Arab male founder sets an example that beauty products are meant and should be accessible for both genders.

Best Seller: Heroline

Ami Colé

Inspired by Senegal and born in the US, the brand is named after the founder, Ami Cole Cosmetics saw a gap in the cosmetics industry that leaves out people of color. Ami Cole takes pride in being one of the few brands out there that cater for the melanin-rich skin types.

Best Seller: Desert Date Cream Multistick

Abi Ame

Products made in French laboratories ensure the highest standards. Abi Ame takes care of formulating safe ingredients and put their products through rigorous safety testing. They supply body care products based on the real-life needs of thousands of women whom they surveyed. Their goal is “Hydrated, soft skin without the greasiness “

Best Seller: Summer Skin Mini

At the end of the day, it is important to make conscious choices about the things that we purchase. With so much awareness now gaining momentum across the world that is triggered by the Palestinian conflict, people are becoming more intentional with how they spend their money. Gigantic cosmetics brands constitute a big part of the economy with its huge supply and demand, therefore, being aware of the process behind the manufacturing, all the way to the target audience involved can make a big impact.

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