Round Up Of The Coolest Local Egyptian Brands Standing In Solidarity With Palestine

Given the ongoing violence occurring in Palestine, now is an important time more than ever to shed light on what is happening in Gaza. Across Egypt, many brands have created entire collections or signature pieces inspired by Palestine whether by including the patterns of the keffiyah or the red, green and white colors of the Palestinian flag. Today, we are shedding light on the local fashion brands advocating for Palestine.

Lelu Store

Known to have started out as a shop that sells t-shirts inspired by the 80s and 90s back in 2020, today it is a full-fledged fashion apparel brand offering unique pieces with playful designs and diverse statements including their Hawaiian shirts and neon sets. Along with their colorful persona, the Egyptian local streetwear brand is also a big supporter of Palestine.

To shine a spotlight on the ongoings in Gaza, the brand collaborated with entrepreneur Asma Sherif Moneer and created a special collection of hoodies in support of Palestine. Each one has the words Palestine in both Arabic and English at the front of the hoodie while the back is made up of old newspaper clippings and postcards representing old Palestine.


Intertwining Arab and Western fashion culture is Omar Hegazy’s Egyptian clothing and streetwear lifestyle brand that opened its doors in Cairo back in 2018. He is known to create statement pieces akin to fine pieces of art where each of his products carries a concept or story.

As a way to continue telling stories, the brand also created a collection devoted to the Palestinian cause. Tapping into their ingenuity and creativity, they designed simple illustrations of a black and white streetwear character donned in a cap and holding a red, white and green Palestinian flag. 100% of the profits on the Palestine t-shirts will be donated to Gaza.


This is the Egyptian fashion brand that does it all, from head-turning fits to cozy loungewear for everyday comfort. Founded back in 2016 by Nada Mansour, the brand is all about simplicity, elegance and style all packaged into one.

Taking part in the Palestinian narrative, Bazic joined forces with popular influencer Noha Elsherbiny to create a special 4 item collection that shines a light on Palestine. They created four simple white statement t-shirts, each one with a unique variation on Palestinian symbols whether the flag or a bird in the flag’s colors.


For the lovers of simplicity and comfort, Camo is an Egyptian streetwear brand that knows how to make laid-back outfits that exude style. From white t-shirts emblazoned with the Camo logo to loose sweatpants in monochromatic colors.

Along with other local brands, Camo also took part in advocating for Palestine by releasing an entire collection of hoodies and sweatshirts “designed with care and for a cause.” In the collection, they have plain hoodies in each color of the Palestinian flag as well as hoodies emblazoned with their signature C which stands for Camo in a white keffiyah pattern and a powerful message underneath.

Mesh Ader Social Club

Born out of the quirky online capsule collections store known as “The Masry Shop”, is the bold ‘Mesh Ader Social Club’ merchandise. The entire collection is made up of t-shirts, hoodies and the like with the signature “Mesh Ader Social Club”. So anyone wearing It will feel like they are part of the club that just can’t be bothered with the stress of life.

Continuing to make bold statements, the brand also joined the Palestinian cause by creating its own Palestine collection. An example of simplicity at its finest, the brand created two hoodies, one black and one white with the back inscribed with the English and Arabic words for Palestine. They mentioned how 100% of the profits will be donated to the Egyptian Red Crescent as well as the Egyptian Food Bank.

By wearing any of these collections advocating for Palestine, it will help to place the ongoing violence happening in Gaza in the limelight. Beyond social media, this is another more creative way to speak up for the Palestinian cause.

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