Was Israeli Military Intelligence Warned Of Hamas Attack & Chose To Ignore It Anyways?

Back on Oct. 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented attack from Gaza. Today, there are reports circulating that an Israeli military intelligence officer allegedly ignored a warning predicting the Oct. 7 Hamas attack. A couple of weeks before the attack, Financial Times said that a detailed report was written up based on intel gathered by sentries at Israel’s border with Gaza. They sent the report using a secure communications system and the report mentioned how Hamas was planning on blowing up border posts and on entering Israeli territory.

The lower-ranking soldiers also warned that they saw videos of Hamas rehearsing taking hostages and the training was led by a high-ranking Hamas military commander. It is reported that the high-ranking intelligence officer who received the warning said “This is an imaginary scenario.”

According to Ashraq Al-Awsat, there were detailed reports made by the research division of the Israeli military intelligence known as Aman predicting an impending attack. These reports were reportedly ignored by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who so far has not made any statements accepting personal responsibility for failure to prevent the attack. In another vein, according to The Times Of Israel, Maj. Gen Aharon Haliva admits ‘intelligence failure’ in not alerting to the coming assault.

When it comes to the reasons behind why the attacks were allegedly ignored, there are claims that it was because the warnings came from lower-ranking soldiers and how military officials were convinced that Hamas was contained through the blockade especially as they bombed their military capabilities. Yet, on October 7, the attack did happen, surprising the entire globe as well as the Israeli military intelligence.

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