Beyond The Lights: A Backstage Journey At Maison Saedi’s Fashion Show

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a fashion show? What does it take to glam and dress up models just in time for them to strut the runway? We got to experience that for ourselves.

Gracing Downtown Cairo’s Cinema Radio Theatre was Egyptian designer Ahmed Saedi’s latest collection dubbed “ECHOES,” a show that we got to see woven together through the inner workings of the backstage world. Come take a look:

Getting To Meet The Models

On first impression, many think that models have this exterior shell that makes them hard to crack. When they step on the runway, they maintain an aloof and poised demeanor throughout, which makes them feel distant and cold. I was lucky enough to find out how that impression is far from the truth.

On first entering, approaching the models was no easy feat. Seeing how they were faced with massive bright ring lights and the hands of multiple makeup artists decorating their faces with bold lines and vibrant hues, getting even an inch near the models proved a challenge.

Thankfully, once I was able to get the attention of one of the makeup artists, I was finally able to talk to the models.

I wanted to get to know the models, but when I started talking to the first one, she got into a fit of giggles. Turns out most of the models barely spoke a word of English and were very shy. One of them noticed my struggle and started to point at all the models who could speak English. Lifesaver!

On talking to each one, they were all very sweet, with big smiles on their faces, and a shared avid excitement over modeling. The best part is that they really know how to keep their cool with all the work getting done on them.

I discovered that they come from all over the world, from countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Serbia, as well as Tunisia. For the first time ever, some are modeling in Egypt, including Brazilian model Bia Freitas.

Makeup & Outfit Magic: Transforming For The Runway

Starting out with tight tank tops, jeans, and a bun with a bare face, with the only makeup being the “cut crease” eyeshadow look, a major transformation happened just minutes before the show. Saedi’s signature bold original pieces and unusual fabrics came to life on every single model.

He himself made an appearance, juggling between getting interviewed and expertly pinning his exquisite dresses on each model. It was special getting to see him work knowing that he’s got more than 12 years of experience under his belt.

In a moment’s time, the pace started picking up, with models on their feet scurrying from corner to corner to get the final touches done on their dresses. A loud “one, two, three, four….” count of the models spurted out of one of the employees as they kept track of their location.

Slowly but surely, the wild, 3D shapes, swirls, and feathers started sprouting out of each of the models. Saedi’s unique designs were truly coming to life after five hours of intense work and precision. The best part was that each of those models felt confident and empowered, a goal that Saedi always prioritizes.

A Dose Of Refreshments

Among the zig-zag of models, makeup artists, designers, and other employees cramping up the tight space of the backstage world, waiters expertly carrying refreshing mocktails with whimsical candies sprouting out began serving the room.

There was not a model inside without one of those drinks in hand, that cold drink to give them a much-needed boost before hitting the runaway.

Heading To The Runway

At the point before the models hit up the runaway, we all had to leave the room. I took a final glance at the backstage world, bidding it farewell as I waved at the models, wishing them luck before they hit the stage.

Entering the backstage world for the first time is an experience that brings out many life lessons, including not judging a book by its cover, learning from experience, and discovering new worlds within our ever-growing society.

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