Mashreq NEO: UAE’s Banking Pioneer Expands To Egypt 

We all want to say goodbye to any kind of long queues, especially when it comes to banking, right?

This is why digital banking is shaking up the financial world, offering convenience that traditional banks just can’t match. We sat down with Mohammed Talaat, Executive Vice President and Head of Retail at Mashreq Egypt, to chat about why such banking services are the way to go.

Into The Past: The Mashreq Story

Talaat started with a blast from the past, telling us how Mashreq kicked things off in 1967 as the first bank in the UAE. Can you sense the vintage vibes?

Since then, it’s been a game-changer in the financial sector, driving business and trade and introducing cool stuff like ATMs, credit cards, and online banking.

After cementing itself as a leading financial institution in the UAE, Mashreq has been expanding to the broader MENA region, with its current stop in Egypt, bringing its innovative digital banking solution, Mashreq NEO, to the country.

Transforming the Egyptian Market: What Mashreq NEO Brings to the Table

Mashreq NEO is all about making banking super easy and convenient. Want to open an account? Just download the Mashreq Egypt app, fill in your details, and pop over to an Etisalat or Fawry Plus location to wrap things up. 

With Mashreq NEO introducing this fully online account opening process, there’s no longer waiting in long bank lines. That may be one of our dreams, right?

Why NEO Accounts Shine Over Traditional Ones

When we talked to Talaat about why Mashreq NEO accounts stand out compared to traditional ones, he shared a few key reasons with us:

  • Easy Online Account Opening: Open your account through the Mashreq Egypt app without any hassle.
  • Simple Activation: Finish the process quickly at Etisalat or Fawry Plus branches.
  • Extended Hours: Get things done from 9 AM to 10 PM every day, even on weekends.
  • Great Bonuses: Enjoy welcome bonuses, balance-based bonuses, and rewards points for every transaction.
  • Free Debit Card: Get a debit card without any fees.
  • Inclusive for Young People: Open an account from the age of 15.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help anytime with Mashreq Virtual Assistance.

Should You Choose Mashreq NEO?

Choosing Mashreq NEO means getting a banking experience that fits your modern lifestyle. With its innovative features and commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s redefining what it means to bank digitally.

So, if you’re a tech-savvy person interested in shaking up your banking game, you may want to consider this innovation.

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