From Riyadh to Dubai: Ronaldo’s Stunning Middle Eastern Real Estate Empire

For some time now, the most widely acclaimed soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been setting up roots across the Middle East.

When you combine that with the fact that he’s been collecting lavish homes, you’ll know that he hasn’t held back on luxury stays since his arrival to the Kingdom. Let us see where the star has been staying, what he bought in the region, and what he plans to buy next:

The Ultra-Exclusive Jumeirah Bay Island

Ronaldo and Georgina have made headlines once again by buying land on the ultra-exclusive Jumeirah Bay Island in Dubai. The sea-horse-shaped man-made island is located just off the Dubai coast, a couple of kilometers from the Palm Jumeirah.

Known as “Billionaire’s Island,” it is a secluded space in Dubai, home to the super-rich. Together, the couple spent $27 million on the property, adding to their already massive portfolio of residences.

They are planning on building a lavish mansion on their new land. With yet another purchase, the football star is expanding his mega real estate empire.

 $250K-A-Month Hotel Suite 

Beyond adding luxurious homes to his real estate portfolio, the soccer star also had a knack for picking the most lavish stays as accommodation. During his time in the Kingdom, Ronaldo and his family have been staying in the 2-story Kingdom suite at Riyadh’s Four Seasons hotel.

His stay costs 250,000 dollars a month, as he is also accommodating his entourage, who are taking up a total of 17 rooms.

$170M Concept House

Now, along with his mega purchases and current lavish stays, the soccer star also likes to look ahead to the future. Knowing his opulent taste, the architects at MANSIONIST have used AI to design a villa that he can add to his collection.

The concept house is set to be designed in Saudi Arabia once Ronaldo decides to move from his 250K-a-month suite. The massive villa will be decorated with traditional Saudi motifs and include a grand entrance hall, an indoor and outdoor pool, a massive gym, and more.

We hope that this particular home does not remain a concept for long. Once it is built, it will be his most luxurious property yet. If it were up to you, how would you envision his dream home?

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