Dubai Airport Sets to Redefine Travel with AI Technology

Dubai’s airports need no introduction when it comes to how advanced they are. From the self-check counters to the Smart Gates that use facial recognition, the airports know how to create a fast and seamless travel experience.

Taking its innovation to even bigger heights, Dubai is setting its sights on the power of AI. To get a better understanding of how AI will be incorporated, we will introduce to you how AI is already being used in the airport as well as how it is planned to be used in the future.

Streamlining Inventory Management

Behind every airport, efficient supply management and inventory control are essential. That is why Dubai Airports, the operator of Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), started employing the Material Requirement Planning (MRP) tool powered by AI.

This tool does quite a lot. It helps the inventory team predict future spare part consumption more accurately. Having the right parts on hand reduces passenger wait time and helps the team execute engineering orders promptly.

The tool also helped in the automation of the inventory ordering process and for precise inventory planning.

AI Customs Officials

Biometrics and self-check-in have already sped up getting through the airport, but taking it a step further, there are future plans to replace immigration officers with AI.

The airport hopes to have travelers instead walk through an AI-powered security system that scans them without requiring them to take off their shoes or belts or even empty their pockets.

AI Baggage Handling

Just as immigration officers can be replaced with AI, Tim Clark, the president of Emirates Airlines, believes that AI and robots should also be handling baggage services, which includes identifying them and taking them out of the aircraft.

Automated Vehicles

We are already seeing the arrival of self-driving cars. These cars can be great for the airport as an improvement to ground transportation. The airport can enhance its services even more if it can use AI technology to have your luggage arrive all the way to your home.

When it comes to AI, the possibilities are endless, which introduces an exciting prospect for future travel, possibly cutting a major chunk of travel time. Who wouldn’t love that?

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