Summer’s Hottest Eats: Newest Restaurants To Hit On Egypt’s North Coast

Every year, the North Coast becomes one of the most visited spots across Egypt for beach lovers and vacationers alike. With so many people hitting up the strip of the Mediterranean coast, new restaurants and cafes open every summer to serve the hungry crowd.

Joining Sahel’s already bustling food scene is everything from fried chicken eateries to boba tea specialists. This is the hand-picked selection of our favorite new spots that have opened so far:


Lovers of fried chicken, burgers, and ice cream are in for a treat as the Dubai-based burger joint is making a landing on the North Coast.

Their chicken is a major all-star. They not only serve juicy chicken Sando sandwiches housed within potato buns and smeared in their comeback sauce, but they also specialize in juicy chicken tenders.

For the sweet tooth, you need to try their deep-fried cinnamon sugar bun served with a hearty scoop of ice cream. To get a taste of Pickl, you can head to either Seashell, New Alamein, or Hacienda White.


Known as the quaint Ismailia cafe frequented by students wanting to get their work done, Frio made quite the impression in the quiet city. Opening back in 2017, it became a spot that connected people through sharing a hot cup of coffee. Now this cafe decided to expand its branches by landing a new spot all the way at the North Coast’s Amwaj.

Sitting right by the beach, it has something for everyone. For coffee enthusiasts, you can enjoy any of their hot or cold coffee, like their iced Spanish latte. For tea and matcha lovers, they offer unique drinks like their iced matcha almond milk latte. They also serve up smoothies, bubble tea, and more.


Bringing some spice all the way to the North Coast is an authentic Indian restaurant that took over Cairo’s City Stars. Now taking over Marassi, they will serve up their signature Indian dishes that include Butter Chicken and Cauliflower Curry.

With it seated right at the Marina, guests will get to enjoy the alfresco seating and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Along with the delicious meal, you can enjoy hookah and long chats with friends.

Sachi Marassi

We are once again heading to Marassi, but the restaurant we are going to talk about isn’t going to be one of the many dotting the Marina; instead, it will be a smack dab in the middle of the water. Sachi, the popular fine dining hot spot, opened a unique branch in Marassi.

The lapping water of the Marina is the restaurant’s new home as the floating restaurant currently resides amidst its waters. Giving off a tiki bar vibe, hanging above the restaurant is a wide bamboo roof covering its boho seating area. Dining at this particular restaurant will make anyone feel like a first-class diner.

Crispy Hen

Probably one of the most hip and exciting food hubs across the North Coast is known as Northed. It has all the cool eateries that have already been making noise across Cairo, such as What The Crust, Seecoz, and Caizo.

Joining them is Crispy Hen, an eatery serving up the best Nashville fried chicken in Egypt. When you head to Northed and dine at this eatery, you’ll get to bite into their juicy chicken infused with Texas-born flavors. Be sure to add it to your Sahel bucket list.

With that, we covered a lot of ground and introduced to you a unique collection of eateries where you can indulge in the finest that Egypt has to offer.

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