Hamo Bika’s American Performance: What the US Isn’t Ready For

No one knows how to heat things up quite like Hamo Bika, the Egyptian Sha’abi star who revolutionized the genre all over the country. His songs are everywhere, literally. You’ll hear “Shaklatouny F Bahr Bera” wafting out of microbuses or “Enti Mealema” blasting across wedding venues.

The thing is, he isn’t just keeping things local. It turns out he’s hitting up the US very soon. Yes, you heard that right. The Sha’abi singer is preparing to perform a concert in the United States of America, a concert set up by Wonder Nights.

Seeing how he’s heading to the States, here are all the things we believe the US is not ready for when it comes to Hamo Bika:

1. His Crazy Fashion Sense

Bika isn’t just about loud and in-your-face hits; he also likes to flaunt crazy fashion ensembles. We are talking massive leather coats with cut-out sleeves paired with black leather slippers and socks. We are also talking black T-shirts dotted with large Louis Vuitton golden emblems. Get ready to be surprised.

2. His Bling Bling

Beware of his neck. Do not look there, as hanging down are gigantic chains and necklaces with massive Arabic calligraphy. It is his signature look. We have to give it to him. The man likes a bit of sparkle. For an added touch of swag, he may also pair the bling with funky glasses.

3. His Pampered Wife

Bika loves his wife more than anything, and being a successful singer, he knows how to pamper her. He will definitely bring her all the way to America, and when you see her, your eyes may hurt from the amount of expensive jewelry draping her body.

4. His Controversial Opinions

Bika has a lot on his mind, and he isn’t afraid to share it with the world. At his upcoming concert, we wouldn’t be surprised if he took the mic and started belting out his latest conspiracy theory. He really doesn’t hold back, like when he spoke about his theories on China and the coronavirus during an Instagram Live.

5. His Tongue-Twisted Lyrics

We dare you to try to keep up with one line of his lyrics. We can promise you that you won’t be able to. “Baton Ballet Bil Semsem Hat,” trust us, you won’t be able to keep up at all.

6. His Ride or Die Sha’abi Posse

It is hard to see Bika perform without his Sha’abi posse, which is made up of Omar Kamal and Hassan Shakoosh. Word of warning: as much as the trio is inseparable, they do get into a lot of fights. Be ready for some drama on the stage if the three hit up the US.

So far, Bika or Wonder Nights have not shared dates or locations, so stay tuned and check Bika’s Instagram for any new updates.

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