ICJ Around the Corner While Israel Commits More War Crimes

January 11 marks the awaited date of the first session of the ICJ case raised by South Africa against Israel. Despite the gravity of the situation that requires Israel to defend itself, it released videos of forced confessions of Gaza hostages at gunpoint.

The Gaza detainees are heard in a video released by Israel with Hebrew subtitles, denouncing Hamas: “May god punish you, Hamas.” They were hand-tied and semi-naked.

A helpless Gazan man is seen in the video expressing his utmost heartbreak over the condition of people in Gaza:

“Our children died in front of us, and our wives are astray,” a voice of an IDF soldier interrupted. “Who should pay for this?” to which the detainee responded, “Hamas should pay for it,” in a moment of humiliation and distress.

When South Africa first filed the case at the International Court of Justice, Israel claimed that its actions in Gaza were only targeting the military group Hamas and not innocent civilians. A response that came contradictory to a parallel Euro-Med December report counting a death toll of more than 29,000 people.

This war crime against detainees and prisoners comes in conjunction with Israeli diplomatic efforts to obtain official statements from around the world to invalidate the case before the ICJ and confirm that Israel is exercising its right to defend itself.

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