Unraveling Deception: The Truth Behind The Controversial ‘Israeli-Made’ Palestinian Doll

Picture this: a plastic baby doll with blood strewn on his face, hands, and knees, wearing a keffiyeh around his neck, with toy Israeli soldiers around his body. If you opened Instagram, you may have come across a video depicting this Palestinian doll on Mint Press’ official page.

Sparking fury and rage across social media, everyone’s blood was boiling as Mint Press blatantly stated that this particular Palestinian doll was made in Israel and was being sold in Mexico. But, after a little digging, what Mint Press was sharing is far from the truth. We were able to find the actual creator of the doll, who carries the Instagram handle vlocke_negro.

He’s a Mexican man who’s presumably an activist who took a normal-looking doll from a toy shop and turned it into a Palestinian doll by smearing it in red and putting a keffiyeh around it. Then, he placed that doll among the other dolls in the store for the sole purpose of raising awareness of Palestine’s current strife. He included all this information in an Instagram post he recently shared online.

This is a perfect example of how we shouldn’t take all the information we’re exposed to at face value. 

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