From Ceasefire Talks to Met Gala Protest: Gaza’s Turbulent Week

In the span of a few days, Gaza has been spinning through a cyclone of events, each critical, with some determining its fate. To give you a well-rounded glimpse into the major happenings in Gaza and Palestine, we’ve rounded up the latest updates that took place in the past three days:

A Takeover Of Rafah Crossing

Aid can no longer enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing as the IDF has taken control of it. Israeli tanks are currently stationed at the crossing, taking “operational control” of it. This is the main route for aid entering Gaza and the exit for those who want to flee to Egypt.

An Accepted Ceasefire Deal Between Hamas, Qatar & Egypt

The Israeli takeover of the Rafah crossing is happening ahead of another round of negotiations for a ceasefire that took place in Cairo. Those talks led to Hamas agreeing to a three-phase Egyptian-Qatari ceasefire deal.

The news was delivered through a phone call where Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh delivered the news to Qatar’s prime minister Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, and Egypt’s intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel. Beyond that deal, it is unknown what Israel’s stance will be.

A Met Gala Protest

In a completely different part of the world, within the glitz and glam of this year’s highly anticipated Met Gala in NYC, protesters converged near the event to rally against the ongoing war in Gaza. One of the rallying points was at the University of Colombia, an institution that has been a major beacon of Gaza protests for some time now.

From Colombia University, protestors marched through Manhattan to the biggest fashion night in America, the Met Gala. At the site of the rally, several arrests were made during the protests.

Seeing how these updates spanned just a few days, more are expected to occur in the upcoming days, weeks, and months amidst the ongoing genocide.

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