Beyond Expectations: Surprising Guinness World Records from the Middle East

In recent times, the Middle East has been engaged in many record-breaking achievements, showcasing a blend of remarkable engineering marvels and construction miracles. However, some of those Guinness World Records are just incredibly unexpected and make you smile when you hear about them.

Enormous Fashion Size

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Recently, Iraq captured the record-breaking world’s attention by claiming a Guinness World Record for the largest “dishdasha,” also known as a “thob.” This traditional garment, measuring a staggering 22.3 meters in length, 8.4 meters in width, and 160 kilograms in weight, was proudly displayed in front of a residential complex.

The project required extensive effort, including the use of a specially acquired sewing machine and over 700 meters of fabric. The meticulous stitching process took more than 70 days, culminating in an extraordinary piece of attire that surpassed the previous record by a significant margin.

Engineering and Architectural Wonders

The Middle East showcases its prowess in engineering and architecture with a series of groundbreaking achievements. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands out with the Noor Riyadh Festival, boasting the largest LED structure and the brightest suspended ornament.

Additionally, the Royal Commission for AlUla presents the Maraya, the largest mirrored building, while the Makkah Clock Tower proudly displays the world’s largest clock face.

These accomplishments not only demonstrate technical excellence but also contribute to the region’s reputation for innovation and grandeur.

Record Breaking Meals

In the world of gastronomy, the Middle East has also left its mark with record-breaking creations. Algeria holds the record for the largest bowl of couscous, weighing over 6 tons and captivating visitors at the International Fair of Algiers.

Bahrain takes the spotlight with a colossal Oreo biscuit weighing a remarkable 73 kilograms, a mouthwatering tribute to the beloved snack. This larger-than-life delight captivates everyone who sees it, and you simply can’t resist the good vibe it radiates.

Breaking Bread & Records Together

In a heartwarming display of communal unity, the Administrative Capital of Egypt in Cairo set a remarkable record during Ramadan in 2019. The city hosted the world’s longest iftar table, stretching an astonishing 3,189.93 meters (10,465 feet 7 inches).

This monumental table, adorned with festive decorations, served as a symbol of togetherness and hospitality. It welcomed 7,000 people to break their fast and share a meal in the spirit of Ramadan. Despite its length, the table fostered a sense of closeness and connection among participants.

Humanitarian Records

The Emirates Red Crescent organization has etched its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for its unprecedented humanitarian efforts. They sponsored an amount exceeding 8 million dirhams to treat Julie Ahmed Nasser, a Syrian girl afflicted with a rare disease.

The Emirates Oncology Society, dedicated to multidimensional care for cancer patients, set a record for creating the most awareness ribbons in one hour. These initiatives not only highlight the region’s profound sense of empathy but also inspire hope and solidarity in all of us.

The Middle East’s record-breaking trend continues to break barriers and set new standards on the global stage. These achievements show the region’s talent and creativity and also reflect its rich cultural heritage, inspiring millions of people around the globe.

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