Cash Hunt in Cairo: Find Hidden EGP In Egypt’s First-Ever Cash Treasure Hunt

Short on cash? We have a game for you, but it’s going to need you to put on your shoes and head outside. An Instagram account under the name ‘Egypt Cash Catch’ is running a unique treasure hunt that is happening as we speak. Every day, the people running the account hide 200 EGP in different spots around Cairo.

On their Instagram account, they’d film the spot they’re hiding the cash, giving you a panoramic view of the place. It’s honestly a test of everyone’s knowledge of the city of Cairo, one that differentiates the city whiz from your average homebody.

Want to head out and test your skills in the city? We can tell you from now that some of the spots across the city are easy to find, while others will prove to be a challenge. So, go on and catch some cash!

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