Game On, Cairo: Check Out The City’s Hottest Arcade Spots

Across Cairo, there has been an arcade craze with multiple new venues popping up across the city. Blasting with neon colors, booming in noise with the zapping, buzzing and the cackle of machines, these gaming havens are on everyone’s radar. To hop on the fresh and revived trend of the interactive gaming world, these are the arcade spots you need to check out.

Ground Control (New Cairo)

Sparkling neon signs hang above a kaleidoscopic bowling alley bursting with color. This is what to expect when arriving at District 5’s latest hotspot, Ground Control. This new arcade spot is a two-floor energy-packed gaming extravaganza with everything from ice hockey and massive bike rides with 4 screens to a first shooter game of Halo. If you are stumped on where to go this weekend, this is the place to hit up.

Rush Hub (New Cairo)

Dark-lit with a ceiling filled with neon swirls of light, Maxim Mall just got an upgrade with this new and exciting arcade. It is literal entertainment galore as just from the entrance, you will be met with a cheerful life-size golden Mickey Mouse figure. Stretched out along the entire arcade are all kinds of games, from the popular King of the Hammer to Dance Dance Revolution, it has it all. Along with that, you get to try out their immersive VR games that will see you spinning and screaming with adrenaline.

Cosmo City (Sheikh Zayed)

Time to embrace your inner child by heading to Arkan Plaza’s coolest arcade spot known as Cosmo City. Beyond a cool collection of arcade games that include a digital ring toss, a fun fruit ninja game and even a digital monopoly, this arcade also offers an addictive laser tag experience that you can try out with your friends.

Xtreme Land (Madinaty)

For the ones craving a taste of adrenaline along with some competitive arcade fun, Open Air Mall’s Xtreme Land has just the right fun combo for you. Get on some bumpier cars and chase your friends across the tarmac or spin a wheel to test your luck and nab a load of tickets. Spin on a Ferris Wheel or race your friends on some jet skies, there is a game for everyone.

Magic Planet (Branches Across Cairo)

So far, Magic Planet remains one of the top choices for many as the go-to arcade spot. It is known as one of the few arcade franchises all over Cairo with branches open in Heliopolis, Maadi, New Cairo and 6 October. If you are seeking the biggest collection of arcade games in Egypt, this is the arcade spot to hit up.

Hitting up any of these arcades will definitely level up your outing and get you and your friends in a buzzing mood. Be sure to tap into your competitive side before you go so you can nab tickets and get a cool prize at the end.

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