With Winter Around The Corner, Here Are Summer Activities To Bid Farewell

Winter is just around the corner, and as much as team ‘winter’ is longing for it, there are also those who are trying to make the best out of what is remaining of the summer season. Check out the list we have gathered below of the things you might want to cross off the summer to-do list.

Morning Picnic

One of the things that could go wrong is a winter picnic. The odds are that the grass could turn muddy from last night’s rain, or the sun would be no where on sight due to cloudy weather. If you do not romanticize a winter-themed picnic, now is the time to plan one with your friends, family, or partner. Al Azhar Park could be your place to start.

Donate Winter Clothes With NPOs

The process of changing wardrobes between summer and winter can be a boring but inevitable task. One way to make it a hundred times rewarding is to rethink clothes items that you haven’t been wearing often in the past, and put them aside for donations. Most charitable organizations are actively receiving clothes donations, especially for boys and girls who do not have enough clothes to keep them warm when it gets cold at that time of the year.

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Stock Up On Summer Food You Know You Will Miss

This one is for Egyptians who are known to crave Mangos and Watermelons in the middle of Winter. If yes, this is a reminder for you to buy food that are difficult to find during winter, and stock them up in the freezer for future need.

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Wear Your Favorite Summer Outfit One Last Time

Bought a new summer outfit that you want to rock, or feel the need to pull that Barbie-themed outfit one more time? There is nothing stopping from farewelling that favorite summer dress after taking it on another round.

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Outdoor Workout

An outdoor workout in winter can have its drawbacks! Either you are a yoga person, or you go hardcore, having an outdoor workout under the sunlight is one of the most rewarding things for the body. Instead of training inside a closed gym, or in a class. Now could be the perfect time for training outside, without getting exposed to too much heat.

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Try an Ice Attack!

Also known as Ice Baths: you might have came across the ice attack trend. It sounds and it is challenging even in the midst of summer so it might be a good idea to give it a try before winter. Ice baths are popular for their immense health benefits, from improving sleep and metabolism, to reducing stress levels.

Get a Tan

A reason why this lands at the bottom of the list is because it is self-explanatory. No matter how sunny it was in winter, the sun is always at a low angle which makes getting a tan ten times harder. Yet, stepping in winter with a tan is on another level of readiness.

While people are too busy getting involved in winter activities that they longed for all summer. Take the above as an inspiration to brainstorm summer farewell activities, it could be as simple as stocking your favorite exclusively summer fruits to planning an entire trip to your favorite beach to get a decent tan. It is really up to you.

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