Get Winter Ready With These Arab Modest Fashion Brands

For hijab ladies who are looking for authentic brands that understand their needs, or any Arab woman in general who likes to wear modest clothing, we have got you covered. In a fashion landscape often dominated by trends that sometimes feel like they missed the modest memo, we’re here to celebrate the rise of hijab-friendly brands just in time for the winter.


Co-founded by Egyptian hijab fashion blogger Farah Emara. Nesaa is reimagining the hijab style by offering casual oversized pieces, enhancing femininity through casual drips.

Velvet Designs

This Egypt-based brand combines classic and casual outfits, and offers a large variety of colorful dresses, kaftans, and skirts for hijabi women. Their Fall/Winter collection is inspired by fringed knots and teddy jackets.

RIZO Designs

This Egyptian local brand is owned by young Rowan Raafat who is providing alternatives to trendy outfits that suit hijab girls. That is everything colorful long cardigans, slim long-sleeved tops, and casual suits.


Jeepa has several stores in different Egyptian cities and it has as a brand gained the trust of hijabi Egyptian women for over a decade now; offering simple and affordable, yet elegant pieces. Their dresses collection combines basic pastel colors and colorful printed ones.


Naseeji’s current winter collection is second to none. It features leather and fur jackets in multiple colors with relatively considerable prices compared to its unique designs and cuts.


Founded by Omnia Attia, Ezar is known for its funky casual designs full of cool drips, unconventional cuts, and brave use of fabrics. Their winter collection features shiny metallic puffer jackets in several colors like gold, dark blue, and off-white.

Qamar Shop

On the hunt for a modest, affordable, and cozy trench coat this winter? We claim that Qamar Shop founded by Sara Fathy has got the answer. Their linen wide-sleeved trench coats are definitely worth checking out.


A slow-fashion brand. Vela was Founded in 2009 by Marwa Atik and Tasneem Atik Sabri. Their aim is to reimagine modest hijab style. and the way the world perceives it.

Ten years later, VELA became a globally recognized brand that focuses on creating the world’s most comfortable scarves and generates a powerful community of women celebrating one another.

Urban Arab

Based in Jordan. The name of the brand is already telling of its mission, which is to Arabize the clothes of the urban woman. Now they are selling jackets that are decorated with embroidery like that on Palestinian traditional dresses. They ship worldwide.

Needle & Thread

UK fashion company founded by Hannah Coffin. Although not solely dedicated to modest or hijab fashion, they have a large variety of breathtakingly beautiful dresses with many of which are considered modest.

Finding brands that offer clothing that suits the large group of hijabi women customers can be a daunting task these days. Therefore, many Arab women are currently rocking the fashion market with fashionable collections that bridge the gap between fashion and modesty.

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