Too Busy To Drive Your Pet To The Vet? You Can Now Get A Taxi For Your Pet In Dubai

Even the taxis in UAE are now pet-friendly! With the growing increase in pet ownership emerges many needs, one of which- surprisingly- is to provide safe transportation to pets, therefore, pet taxis and there are a thing in several countries in the Middle East, not just UAE.

Pet taxis cater to necessities like vet visits and daycare trips as well as social outings, grooming appointments, and can even offer more specialized services like pet setting or dog walking. Pet Taxis provide a safe way to transport pets around the city, making the life of its owners less stressful. It also solves the issue of finding a pet-friendly ride, because not all ride services or regular Taxi rides are fur-friendly.

Thus, this service provides a safe and stress-free way to transport pets around the city. It genuinely can be a lifesaver for those who have busy schedules, are running late, or don’t have a means of transportation to take their pets to vet or grooming appointments.

Via The National

Most famous Pet Taxi businesses in Dubai are Chauf-fur Pet Taxi, Happy On Board. Other Pet Taxi businesses are already established in the rest of arab countries. In Egypt for instance, a pet-loving couple launched their Pet Taxi business ‘Aleefcom Paxi‘ a few years back and it is now providing plenty of other services in addition to transportation.

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