Sneak Peek Into Dubai’s Latest Hiking Trail: A 10 Km Bucket List Trek

Located in Mushrif National Park, Dubai, this hiking trail has just the perfect ambiance and scenery for a soul-cleansing hiking experience. Mushrif Park’s unique setting makes it rich with greenery such as beautiful Ghaf trees. There you can set your eyes on different kinds of soaring Arabian birds. While hiking there, the horizon stretches in nothing but wildlife trees and natural scenery that extends for 9.7 Kilometers. Along with that, it offers cafes and bike rentals.

Dubai Municipality has set up this track and made sure to make it friendly for all people at different levels of athletics. It is suitable for beginners, and professionals alike. The almost ten-kilometer trail consists of two tracks, a yellow recreational one extending 8.3 kilometers, and another orange sports track extending 1.4 kilometers.

Along with the natural scenery, the track consists of wooden stairways, bridges, and benches, along with sculptures. The trail maximizes the safety and security of the people, in doing so it has administrative and supervisory employees stationed at several track locations. Staying overnight, starting a fire, or smoking there is also prohibited.

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