Cancel Culture: Hollywood Figures Pay The Price For Supporting Gaza

For more than a month and a half, several Hollywood celebrities and figures used their platforms to speak out against the violent ongoings in Gaza. These acts of solidarity did come with a price as many of these celebrities ended up losing upcoming roles in films and shows. Here’s a look at some of these A-listers.

Melissa Barrera

Barrera has been taking active steps in supporting Palestine, from advocating for a ceasefire to posting on social media on how Gaza is a “colonized country.” Her actions were not taken lightly by Spyglass, the production company behind horror films that Barrera stars in including Scream. They reportedly dropped her from the film “Scream 7.”

Susan Sarandon

Along with Barrera, actress Sarandon has been outspoken on social media in her Pro-Palestinian stance and even spoke up and made remarks for Palestine during an arranged rally in New York City. As a consequence, the United Talent Agency dropped her as a client over her avid support of Palestine.

Tara Strong

Popular voice actress known for voicing characters in “The Fairly OddParents,” and “The Powerpuff Girls” recently got fired from an upcoming animated series called “Boxtown” over posts where she firmly advocated for Palestine.

Maha Dahkil

Within the realm of Hollywood, beyond actors and actresses, talent agents and other members of the industry have faced consequences for speaking up. One of them is CAA agent Maha Dahkil, one of the top agents in the industry. The CAA ended up firing her from her position as co-chief of the motion pictures department.

Via Variety

What can be gleaned from all of this is that there is a certain double standard as to how Hollywood deals with supporters of Palestine. As seen, many celebrities are getting fired by Hollywood for speaking up but at the same time, the ones who mock the situation including actors like Noah Schnapp do not face the same repercussions.

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