Make A Difference With These Charity Organizations During Ramadan

Workers of Egyptian non-governmental organisation Egyptian Food Bank prepare cartons with foodstuffs to distribute to people who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, in the Egyptian capital Cairo, on April 05, 2020. - The large Cairo-based charity organisation EFB has been at the forefront of a public relief effort in the most populous Arab country, where one third of the population of over 100 million lives in poverty, surviving on about $1.50 or less a day. virus. Egypt so far has recorded 85 deaths out of 1,322 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 illness. (Photo by Mohamed el-Shahed / AFP)

As we welcome Ramadan, many charity organizations are eager to assist individuals and families in need. These organizations are situated in Egypt, and work to help the less fortunate by giving them food, shelter, and other necessities. For this reason, let’s find out more about them in hopes that it will encourage more people to volunteer and provide assistance with whatever resources available.

Share A Smile

Share A Smile was founded by a group of friends who have been volunteering independently for nine years. They collaborate with many NGOs that assist them in creating case studies to help the organization formulate its top priorities and allocate adequate resources. The entity targets underserved, disabled, uneducated, and orphans who lack access to basic requirements in rural places across the country. During this Ramadan, they plan to feed around 60,000 individuals across Egypt. To volunteer, reach out to them either on Facebook or Instagram and they will send you all the details to become part of this noble entity.

Life Makers

This is a charity organization aimed at providing aid and financing development projects for the less fortunate. This Ramadan, they’re distributing food packages, wheelchair, and medical hearing aid devices across Egypt. To volunteer, you can fill in the registration form on their official website and a representative will communicate with you to bring you closer to volunteering opportunities near you.

Injaz Egypt

Injaz is one of the top charities for educating youth in Egypt as well as promoting entrepreneurship among Egypt’s unemployed youth. This organization partners with business and educational institutions across the country to supplement school curriculums and empower students across Egypt. Injaz also fights illiteracy and offers free schooling. You can take part in this good cause by volunteering and submitting your application through their official website.

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Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank (EFB), which has been operating for over 15 years, was the first organization established in Egypt to fight hunger. The group promotes food waste awareness while simultaneously providing disaster relief assistance. EFB sets various options for those want to donate to help people in ramadan through food packages that range in price from EGP35 to EGP5000. To volunteer, you can contact them on Facebook and they will provide you with all the details needed.


Resala offers a wide range of charitable activities that caters to a wide range of people. They include; blood donations, educating, fighting addiction, and hosting events. Also, Resala tries to reach more than 60 locations over Egypt, especially in rural areas where other charity organizations are unable to make a presence there. For volunteering opportunities, they mainly post them on their website…so you better keep an eye out for the upcoming volunteer event.

If you feel like you have some free time during the week or on the weekends, you can get in touch with one of these nonprofits and assist more people in need. Throughout the year, they usually hold more events, but they always welcome additional volunteers who want to to truly make a difference.

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