Could Egypt Become a Coffee-Growing Country?

All the coffee lovers out there need that daily caffeine boost to get their day going. Egypt is one of those countries where there is an avid love for roasted beans.

In Alexandria, there is the 1930s coffee shop that serves up specially imported Brazilian coffee, along with the hundreds of coffee shops scattered across Egypt’s cities.

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With all these coffee imports, you wouldn’t expect that coffee beans can be grown in Egypt. Turns out, there may actually be a way to grow them. Coffee cultivation in Egypt dates back a couple of years, so let’s take a step back and learn about its story.

When Did It All Start?

About 40 years ago, the country begun a series of experiments to localize coffee cultivation in Egypt but they haven’t been fruitful. This was because Egypt did not have the tropical climate conditions needed to successfully grow coffee like countries that include Brazil and Colombia.

Can It Be Grown Today?

Believe it or not, today, Egypt may be able to produce coffee beans because of the recent climate change over the past two years. The recent changes in climate have led coffee trees to start to bear fruit.

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Seeing the results, the research team at the Agricultural Research Center will further explore the possibilities of coffee cultivation. The team will also continue to conduct experiments, considering the new climate conditions.

Future Expectations

If local coffee cultivation succeeds, experts and researchers predict that locally produced coffee will be of higher quality than imported coffee and may lead Egypt to become a self-sufficient coffee-producing country.

With all this being in the early phase, nothing can be confirmed, and even the Minister of Agriculture made it clear that researchers have to assess the economic feasibility of the experiments before taking steps of documenting and announcing the results.

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