Get Your Caffeine Boost At These Zamalek Cafes

Each of Cairo’s districts is home to quaint and relaxing cafes, the ones that you’d want to spend the entire day at. With Zamalek, the already small and cozy Carine island, there are many kinds of cafes that exude that kind of chill vibe we all crave every once and a while. So with that, let’s go through some of Zamalek’s most charming cafes to add to your bucket list of outings this summer.


Known as the tiny cafe with the calming green pastel facade, Holm is the ultimate spot for a morning of serene bliss. Set within a small two-floor apartment, guests get to unwind within its chill interiors. On the second floor, there is a special nook made up of a long couch where guests can curl up and catch up on their favorite book. Beyond the relaxing ambiance, there is a diverse assortment of brunch staples to dine on including overnight oats, avocado on toast & banana on panini toast. They also serve salads and light lunch options like their Croque Basha as well as strong and aromatic coffees and teas.


Coming all the way from Lebanon is Sip, the cafe that has been taking social media by storm because of its Instagram-worthy interiors of pale pink aesthetics, bricks walls and black & white checkered floors. Most of the time you’ll find people snapping pics within this particular cafe, sharing its interiors with friends. When it comes to their food, they have loads of options from their hilariously named breakfast dishes of “What My Ex Eats” which is basically yogurt with granola and fruit, to their halloumi avocado egg sandwich. Their coffee options are also great and include everything from classics like cappuccino and latte to their Nicargua S.origin.

Social Specialty Coffee

Putting the concept of conventional coffee onto its head, this coffee joint is all about serving specialized and unique coffee for the masses. Excelling at serving up delicious hand brew coffee, they have everything from the V60 to the aeropress and chemex. Beyond that, they are also known for their diverse collection of specialty coffee drinks ranging from lavender latte and peanut butter latte to vanilla cardamom cappuccino. Sitting at this brightly lit and modern cafe will also tick all your foodie check boxes as they are known to serve whimsical dishes including their wheel croissants filled with chocolate.

Cake Café

For all the lovers of cake out there, this special eatery knows how to whip out delicious renditions of those baked goods. Along with that, you’ll get to sit and relax along its street-lined tiny cafe set along Salah El Deen street. At this cafe, you can expect all kinds of cakes including pecan salted caramel cake, rose water pistachio cake as well as the rainbow cake. Along with their desserts, guests can also enjoy classic lunch dishes including the croque monsieur, hummus wrap and truffle white sauce pasta.

30 North

Just like Social Specialty Coffee, they specialize in artisanal coffee creations including their Peruvian Chancamayo. Along with their delicious brew, the coffee joint is a great breakfast dining spot especially with it being set within the late 80s iconic landmark ICONIA; a special building that intertwines modern and arabesque architecture. We highly recommend going for their pancakes as its their specialty especially their Oreo Nutella Obsession covered in chocolate sauce.


Nestled on the grounds of the All-Saints cathedral is Granita, a spacious cafe that exudes a thriving and lively ambiance. With the ultimate greenhouse vibes, the entire space is home to large glass windows, house plants as well as evenly spaced colorful sofas. When it comes to the dining experience, Granita offers a unique menu of both breakfast and lunch delicacies including peinirli (Greek-style pizza), halawa panini and rosemary cashew fereek. Along with the food, you can try out their classic coffee options ranging from a flat white to an Americano.

We definitely recommend hitting up these cafes and then exploring all that Zamalek has to offer after getting your coffee fix. Following your outing across the Zamalek cafes, you can take a stroll along the many winding tree-topped streets of the quaint neighborhood.

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