All You Need To Know About Cairo Food Week

Foodies, rejoice as Egypt kicked off its first-ever Food Week. Launched on June 1, Cairo Food Week had its opening night at the Grand Egyptian Museum through an experimental and sensory food journey dubbed “The King’s Feast” created by the Alchemy Experience, spearheaded by Egypt’s renowned design studio of the same name.

Beyond that, the 10-day event will revolve around renowned chefs coming to Egypt to collaborate with local talent during a series of cooking sessions across Cairo’s top restaurants. Bringing local and global talents together, through creativity and experimentation, the chefs will create innovative dishes that fuse East and West.

Each day will be devoted to a cooking duo and these sessions will begin from June 2 with that day devoted to the world of pastries and desserts. On that day, MENA’s best pastry chef Sahar Al Awadhi and Japan’s renowned pastry chef Natsuko Shoji are heading to Egypt’s Kiki’s Buoy at Garden 8 to collaborate on a special dinner and dessert.

Along with that, there are many other exciting collaborations including India’s two-star Michelin chef Himanshu and Egypt’s La Liste’s Hidden Gem Winner chef Mostafa Seif joining forces on June 9 to create gastronomic masterpieces at Khufu’s restaurant.

To take part in any of these exciting culinary experiences and be amongst the most renowned chefs in the food industry, you can head to their official website to reserve a spot.

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