Inside The Whimsical World Of Alexandria’s Themed Cafes

With it being nestled in front of the Mediterranean, Alexandria is known to be a bustling hub of beachfront cafes especially along its extended walkway known as the corniche. Now imagine that in that very city are out-of-the-box whimsical cafes, ones that boast their own theme and character. Whether it’s a cozy Japanese joint or a bubbly and pink themed cafe, Alexandria has been opening up more and more of these kinds of cafes to popular and wide acclaim. We’ve picked out our favorites that we believe deserve a visit during your next trip to the coastal city.


Along Kafr Abdou, the tree lined neighborhood known as Alexandria’ high-end district is a cafe that is impossible to miss. Picture this, a large pink door with an equally big pink sign that reads ‘Moullies’. On opening that door you will be entering a whimsical carnival-like space with pink neon signs as well as an entire wall of pink hearts and instagram worthy backdrops reading “can & will” and “boss lady”.

This spot is all about equally whimsical desserts including their marshmallow-filled chocolate bombs that would pop open when dunked into hot milk. They also serve the widely popular San Sebastian cheesecake that gets covered in rich milk chocolate.

Central Perk

Fans of the widely popular sitcom Friends will appreciate the two-story themed cafe known as Central Perk. On the outside is the very same dark green wood paneling with the infamous signature logo of two mugs and the words ‘Central Perk’ wedged between. Its interiors also stay true to the vibes of the show’s cafe as it includes their signature brown couch, brick-lined walls as well as life-size cutouts of our favorite characters including Joey and Rachel.

At this cafe you’ll get to enjoy your coffee in their signature large mugs and even enjoy live performances on their makeshift stage that will immediately remind you of Phoebe’s solo performances with her guitar. When it comes to their food, they do it all from sizzling fajitas to pizzas and spicy wings.


Get ready for a literal sugar rush as Coucou is probably Alexandria’s best dessert joint serving up unique creations that satisfy dessert sugar addicts across the city. Giving off a sleek and modern air with its whitewashed walls and pops of red text, the cafe itself is a great spot to chill with a group of friends.

Their all-time specialty are the cookies with cool creations including their Pistachio Charm cookie loaded with pistachio creme, covered with pistachio sauce and a drizzle of white chocolate. Another crowd favorite is the Black Monster cookie which blends together the texture of a cakey cookie with the flavor of decadent brownies


Bringing the tastes of Japan to the streets of Alexandria, Taiki is the cozy themed cafe sitting along the quite neighborhood of Saba Basha. Following a trip to Japan, two brothers ended up falling for the city which led them to re-create their very own Japanese haven in Alexandria.

Beyond its minimalistic interiors of light wooden accents and simple plants, their menu also boasts an authentic Japanese feel with classic staples like their matcha latte as well as the widely adored mochi that is offered on occasion. They even have delicious matcha flavored cookies that pair great with any of their available coffee options.


Hidden within a side alley is a tiny coffee shop by the name of Loretto. Inside you’ll find a space dominated by black interiors, potted plants and wooden accents. It has a very similar vibe to El Korba’s Vasko and is known for its artisanal coffee and bakery.

Bringing something entirely new to the table is their unique twist to the Parisian delicacy known as the croissant. In this special cafe, they cut open the croissant, add a dollop of ice-cream in its center then drizzle pistachio sauce on top. It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their coffee also doesn’t disappoint especially their cortado that gives you that instant caffeine hit.

With each of these themed spots, guests will get to experience spaces unlike that of the rest of Alexandria. Entering each cafe will make you feel as though you travelled to a new place whether it’s Italy through Loretto’s musky interiors or Japan through Taiki’s minimalistic cafe.

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