Two Men In Dubai Set Ex-Employer’s Car Ablaze In Act Of Revenge

Just this morning, at a yard in the Dubai Investments Park area, multiple cars were on fire. After a group of firefighters doused the flames and cooled the site, a police investigation ensued. Turns out one of the cars was intentionally set on fire by two men and the police were able to bring in the suspects for interrogation.

Via NZ Herald

During the interrogation, one of the suspects confessed that he and his friend did set the car on fire in an act of revenge against an ex-employer. He explained how his ex-boss was involved in selling and distributing alcohol and one day, the two had an argument which resulted in the employer assaulting the suspect and firing him from the workplace.

When recalling the actual crime, the suspect said that he saw his ex-employer park his car in the yard of the Dubai Investments Park area. The suspect’s friend then headed to the car, broke the windshield and threw in a lit cigarette. The moment the car was ablaze, they both escaped the crime scene.

Following the confession, both men were fined Dh66,000. They also got sentenced to one year in jail and once they complete their sentence, they will be deported out of the country.

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