A Real Life ‘Suits’: Fake Moroccan Lawyer Arrested After Winning Many Million Dollar Cases

A legal hoax has been going on for some time now in the city of Rabat where an imposter managed to convince people that he is a full-fledged lawyer. It was reported that he had worked for a famous law firm in Rabat for some time and that was where he learnt all the procedures of the field and later went on to open his own law firm. For several years, he was able to pose as a lawyer, winning multiple cases that were worth several hundred thousand euros. He’d win case after case to the extent that he was able to build up a large portfolio that was big enough to plead against powerful state bodies including the General Directorate of National Security.

The Palais De Justice Via Archnet

The entire ruse may have continued even longer but the imposter made a mistake of delaying payment to two of his clients who were former policemen. The two went to file a complaint against the lawyer at the Rabat Bar Association and that was how he got caught. When the Bar Association attempted to search for the lawyer’s name, they could not find it in the association’s rolls and so reported him to the authorities who went on to arrest the imposter. He was officially arrested just last week and will no longer continue practicing.

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