Riyadh Airports Will Be Scrapping Boarding Passes For Face Scanners

Imagine going to the airport and breezing through security without needing to take out your boarding pass? At Riyadh, this will soon be a reality as travelers heading to King Khalid International Airport will soon get to pass every security point by merely getting their face scanned. Boarding passes will be replaced by biometric face scanners as part of the airport’s integration of the ‘Smart Travel Journey’ experiment.

The way the new system will work is that passengers will become their own boarding passes using their face to get through security checkpoints. SITA FacePod’s camera will scan their face and once it’s recognized it will be registered in the system. As they pass through each checkpoint, they will only need to look at the camera to pass through.

This new technology of face scanners was developed in partnership with global technology provider, SITA and is considered a big step in creating new smart airports across Riyadh as a way to transform and ease travel. Beyond that, the new system will probably also reduce boarding time while also boosting security.

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