Get Ready: Space Tourism Capsule Test Flight Set For Saudi Skies

Space tourism is on its way to becoming a reality, with several companies working to develop the technology, including Virgin Galactic and SpaceX.

The Spanish tech company Halo is also in that very same space race. What’s special is that their next test flight is going to be above the skies of Saudi Arabia.

In June, Halo’s second real-size prototype capsule will fly 32km above Saudi Arabia. The decision came after Saudi Arabia’s Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) gave Halo the go-ahead to perform the launch. This is going to be their sixth test flight so far.

What’s The Plan?

Halo plans to send at least 10,000 people to space this decade so that they can experience the Overview Effect, which is the blue halo around the curvature of the Earth. The company plans to launch its commercial flights in 2026, with tickets starting at $164,000.

What About Saudi?

The Kingdom has already dove headfirst into the space industry and made major strides. From its historic mission to the International Space Station to having its first female astronaut travel to space, the Kingdom has literally been leaping to the stars.

When it comes to space tourism, little is known if the Kingdom has anything underworks. Despite that, in general, space exploration and tourism are a big part of the Saudi Vision 2030, and that’s why Saudi Arabia is taking major steps to propel the industry.

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