Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Investment Company Ventures Into Space Tech & AI

Abu Dhabi and the UAE at large are known not to shy away from diving deep into new and innovative technologies.

One of the biggest investment arms for Abu Dhabi, known as Mubadala, which controls $276 billion in assets, is already known to have invested in innovative global companies, including self-driving technology company Waymo. Continuing its innovative journey, the Mubadala investment company has big plans to invest in space tech and AI.

A big part of the dive into space tech and AI includes major global investments. Business leader Khaldoon Mubarak went into further detail, “we plan to invest more in the US market and deepen strategic and forward-looking investment products in the UK, Europe, and France.”

Asia is also going to be a big focus for the government-controlled fund where the sovereign fund will be focused on mega trends.

So far, Mubadala hasn’t disclosed how much capital it’s planning on investing in the US, Asia, and other nations. All in all, these major investments are going to further propel Abu Dhabi and the UAE at large into becoming bigger tech giants across the region.

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