Riyadh’s Buzz-Free Bar Revolution: These Are The Mocktails You Have To Try

Mocktails are having their moment in Riyadh, with bartenders serving up everything from a zero-buzz old-fashioned to a sizzling negroni. This new age of bar culture is actually working in Saudi Arabia, with people flocking in just for the vibes and not for the buzz. Upscale restaurants across Riyadh are stepping up their bar game and for a fun treat, we picked our favorites for you to enjoy:

Valentina From Coya

Bringing Latin American flair all the way to the Kingdom is Coya, a restaurant that transports diners to the bustling world of Peru. Along with its delicious Peruvian menu of appetizing ceviches and mouth-watering tiraditos, its expert mixologists know how to shake up the drink menu.

When it comes to what drink to try, the ultimate one has to be the Valentina, made specially for the day of love itself. The special concoction is expertly made with Italian spritz, fresh orange, strawberry cordial, rose hibiscus, and passion fruit puree.

Limonde Noir From LPM

The French Riveria exudes that glamorous Mediterranean vibe of Azur-colored waters and quaint multicolored homes. That very same world was brought all the way to Riyadh through the opening of the French restaurant LPM.

Expect light, intense Riviera-inspired food along with a special mocktail menu. The coolest one for you to try is the Limonade Noire, a mocktail that’s made of rosemary-infused honey with verjuice-activated charcoal stirred with sparkling water.

Raspberry Passion From San Carlo Cicchetti

Celebrating Italian cuisine at its finest is San Carlo Cicchetti, a restaurant that brings a special Italian custom, known as Cicchetti, to Riyadh’s diners, where delicious small plates are shared.

To spice up your dining experience, you need to couple your dish with any of the cool drinks that the restaurant excels at mixing up. Raspberry Passion is a go-to drink for any berry lover out there, as it’s made with a fresh raspberry blend of passion fruit, lime, cranberry, and apple.

Smoking Pumpkin From Myazu

Every dish is a literal art piece at the contemporary Japanese dining hotspot known as Myazu, where you’ll get to taste their potted wagyu croquettes that look like enchanted mushrooms and their Myazu oysters tempura.

Along with that gastronomic enchanting journey, you can also quench your thirst with their over-the-top mocktail creations. On visiting Myazu, you need to get a taste of their Smoking Pumpkin.

Drinking this mocktail is an experience in itself, as it’s served with steam wafting out of a glass cylinder, and inside is the drink made of pumpkin puree, lychee nectar, fresh passion, tobacco syrup, and coconut milk.

Old Fashioned From Agio

Immersing in the food of the Capri coast is Agio, a restaurant that dives into the glamour and sophistication of the Italian island. Using fresh ingredients, they serve up dishes like Lasagna Nonna Pina that are inspired by the Greek Musaka with an Italian touch.

To up your dining experience, there’s also a unique assortment of drinks you can enjoy from their special menu. Serving up a classic with a delectable taste, we recommend their American bitter served with cherry, coffee, orange bitters, and homemade Demerara syrup.

On arriving at any of these restaurants and taking a sip from their unique mocktails, you’ll be teleported to a bar culture unlike any you’ve tried before.

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