Getting Away With Murder: Why Lahzet Ghadab Is Making Waves This Ramadan

You know that adrenaline rush you feel as you watch a suspenseful drama? That escape from reality?

That’s exactly what we’re witnessing in Saba Mubarak’s Lahzet Ghadab. With cliffhangers and unexpected twists and turns, this series is making waves this Ramadan season. Let’s see why!

*Spoiler Alert*

Crazy Storyline

Written by Mohab Tarek and directed by Abd El Aziz El Nagar, Lahzet Ghadab has shocked viewers from the very start. Saba Mubarak plays the role of Yomna, a chef with a weak personality who’s married to Sherif (Mohammed Farag), a toxic, narcissistic, and controlling husband.

She shocks us by “killing” her husband in a fit of anger by the end of the first episode, quite literally embodying the show’s title – “Lahzet Ghadab.”

The surprises only escalate as she hides his body in a cupboard while his family is celebrating her birthday. She later confesses to her friend, Nardine Farag, that she murdered her husband. Her friend strikes her brother-in-law, Mohamed Shahin, on his head, causing him to fall into a coma. Her neighbor, Aly Kassem, captures her on video while murdering her husband. 

The crazy and unexpected list goes on!


With a crazy storyline, ending with a cliffhanger just adds more spice to the watching experience.

You’ll be left on the edge of your seat, trying to imagine what will happen in the next episode, leaving your nerves “on fire.”

Here are some crazy ways Lahzet Ghadab’s episodes ended:

  • In Episode 1: Saba kills her husband.
  • In Episode 5: Saba Mubarak tells her friend that she killed her husband, and Mohamed Shahin wakes up from his coma.
  • In Episode 6: Saba Mubarak receives a video on WhatsApp showing her killing her husband.
  • In Episode 7: Aly Kassem (Asser) confronts Saba Mubarak and tells her that he sent her the video.

Detective Vibes

Mohamed Shahin’s character, Mostafa, gives off detective vibes with his witty, know-it-all attitude. The detective music scores in these scenes make the whole experience even funnier. And he sports a smirk on his face when his suggestions turn out to be true.

Christie’s Poirot and Doyle’s Sherlock are proud of you!

The Fast-Paced Suspense

No one likes slow dramas, especially when it comes to suspense. Suspense in and of itself demands to keep you on the edge, with lots of events happening, no unnecessary character introductions, and always leaving us thirsty for more.

That’s exactly what happened in Lahzet Ghadab. You’d find that the events escalate episode after episode without many filler scenes, and that’s one of the things that make a stunning suspense series: its fast pace.

Talented Cast Lineup

The anxious Saba Mubarak, clever Mohamed Shahin, mysterious Aly Kassem, psychic Sara Abdulrahman, narcissistic Mohammed Farag, and confidant Nardine Farag—all these stars portray their roles impeccably, complementing the entire piece: a well-written, directed, and portrayed fast-paced suspense drama.

Saba Mubarak: Will She Get Away With Murder?

Yeah, Mubarak plays a character who killed her husband, so we can’t help but wonder whether she’ll get away with murder.

But as we see how she’s adapting to whatever hiccup is happening in her journey, we believe that Saba will indeed get away with it. We just hope that the series maintains its logical tone without going off course.

Good luck Saba (or Yomna)!

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