Hit Or Miss? First Impressions On Ramadan Comedies

Amidst the chaos happening in the world, we always crave a little entertainment. Enters Ramadan’s series – a staple in this holy month. 

From suspense and action to drama and comedies, there’s something for everyone. 

If your cup of tea is a comedy, you’re probably wondering whether this year’s comedic series is worth your laughs, so let’s spill the beans on our first impressions.

Kamel El Adad +1: Hit

Kicking it off with a bang, Kamel el Adad +1 is back in action, continuing the light family tale of Layla (Dina El Sherbiny) and Ahmed (Sherif Salama) as they face the challenges of parenting their brood of 7 kids (+1 adorable newborn).

On the first day of Ramadan, one trend stole the show: the cast paid tribute to the beloved character Omar, portrayed by the late Mostafa Darwish in Season 1. With Darwish’s passing last year, Omar’s character also bid farewell in Kamel El Adad +1, with the show shining a spotlight on the effect of his loss on all the characters.

It was so emotional, with tear-jerking moments all over the episode, especially when one of Omar’s kids waved at his picture and Salama’s heart-felt performance while speaking at his grave.

  • Did We Laugh? Originally a light comedy, Kamel el Adad +1 didn’t disappoint in its ability to make us laugh, even during the tears and tributes to the lost character. Our personal highlight? The hilarious marital issues of Layla’s mother-in-law stole the show in the first episode.
  • Hit Or Miss: Definitely a hit. We also can sense a couple of potential love affairs happening in the show. 

Ashghal Shaqa: Hit

Let’s paint the story: Hamdy (Hesham Maged), a witty forensic pathologist, is married to a TV presenter, Yasmin (Asmaa Galal), who gives birth to twins. Adding to that comedic chaos, they each have one hilarious mother-in-law. 

As the couple finds themselves overwhelmed, they start looking for help from a nanny who can manage the kids and house, leading to many funny moments. All the characters are cleverly written, delivering lots of entertaining, in-character moments.

  • Did We Laugh? Yes. The story and characters are pretty rich and diverse, setting the stage for subtle comedy.
  • Hit or Miss: Hit, for sure. 

El Kabeer Awy Season 8: Miss

As one of the longest-running Egyptian drama shows, Ahmed Mekky returns for the eighth time with El Kabeer Awy, focusing on Marbouha and El Kabeer’s relationship. 

The first episode showcased the Easter celebration, a feast of feseekh, and the mythical “El Shamama” coming to life.

  • Did We Laugh? Not really. We’re unsure whether the level of laughter will be on the rise in the upcoming episodes, but we really hope so!
  • Hit or Miss: Miss. Mekky is undeniably a super-talented actor who can flawlessly portray a plethora of characters and themes. But sticking to only El Kabeer’s character in comedy is a bit limiting to his potential.

Baba Geh: Tie

Akram Hosny’s ‘brand’ of comedy is back, and as always, it’s wild and out of the box—no surprises.

In Baba Geh, he plays the role of Hesham, an unemployed, failed father who only stays at home and plays PlayStation, relying on his wife’s salary. He even stoops so low that he steals his daughter’s money.

When his frustrated daughter, already disappointed for missing out on a school play because of him, publicly says that he’s “useless” on stage, it sparks the idea that he might just become a “dad for rent.”

It’s a playful storyline if you ask us.

  • Did We Laugh? Yes, but the laughter wasn’t exactly booming. We’re expecting much more laughter in the next episodes.
  • Hit or Miss: Tie. We’ll give it a couple of episodes to see the “dad rent” story.

To Laugh or Not to Laugh

So, if comedy is your cup of tea, then pick one of these comic series and entertain yourself with some laughter in the first half of Ramadan.

See you in the second half, where we’ll eagerly welcome other comedies, like Farawla and Khaled Nour W Walado Noor Khaled.

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