Sherine Abdel Wahab Makes History as First Arab Artist to Win Billboard Arabia Award

You probably heard ‘Sabry Aalil’ on TikTok, a song that probably everyone lip-synced at some point. The artist behind it is no other than legendary Sherine Abdel Wahab, who recently achieved a milestone moment.

She became the first Arab artist to win the title of “Billboard Arabia” at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.

She was one of seven winners of the Global Force Awards at Billboard Women in Music. The other winners were Annalisa (Billboard Italy), Maria Becerra (Billboard Argentina), and many more.

Abdel Wahab was awarded that night for two songs, ‘Kalam Eineh’ and ‘El-Watar El-Hassas,’ both of which topped Billboard Arabia’s global flagship charts, nabbing the number one and two spots, respectively.

Brought to life in June 2023, Billboard Arabia is a platform dedicated to celebrating Arab artists and their works. Like the original Billboard platform, it follows the same parameters set by Billboard over eight decades. It gathers data from leading streaming platforms like Spotify, Anghami, and so on to pick out the top artists of the year.

During its first year, the top five Arab artists by Billboard were Marwan Pablo, Amr Diab, and Ahmed Saad. Celebrating Arab artists and placing them in the spotlight makes Billboard Arabia a special platform that’ll bring more of the region’s artists to the global limelight.

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