From Overdone to Outdated: Eid Outfit Choices to Skip

As we get ready for Eid, we get excited about our outfits that make us feel confident and festive. After all, this celebration is like a fashion show where we flaunt our latest looks. However, we shouldn’t go overboard with them.

For a bit of fun, here’s what not to wear on Eid: 

Colorful Fiesta

Yes. We’re talking to those fashion peacocks! They wear super bright colors that even rainbows would be jealous of. They walk around like every day is a fashion contest, making regular streets look like fancy runways with their bold outfits.

Overdone alert.

Hijabi Scarf Overload

This style is when girls feel like one scarf isn’t enough to contain the fabulousness within. It’s like a nesting doll of head coverings, each layer adding another level of mystery and intrigue to the ensemble.

And let’s not forget the art of coordination. Each scarf is carefully chosen to complement the others, creating a symphony of patterns and colors.

Outdated and overdone alert.

Bold Abaya Look

Here, you get immersed in the paradox of heavy makeup and abaya style, where modesty meets maximalism in a collision of contradictory fashion statements. Please don’t.

Overdone alert.

Style Chaos Showdown

Meet the self-proclaimed fashionista adorned with enough accessories to open a jewelry store. Every outfit is a bold statement, from towering hats to clinking bangles. She’s a walking fashion disaster, but hey, at least she’s confident!

Overdone and outdated alert.

Eid is a time for celebration and modest elegance. By avoiding these fashion disasters, we can ensure our attire reflects the spirit of the occasion with grace and sophistication.

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