Armenia: The Perfect Summer Escape for Arab Travelers

The moment summer arrives, we all enter into vacation mode and have this craving for a trip, whether to change the scenery, unwind from work, or enjoy the warm weather and sunny days. To make the most of summer, we think Armenia should be your next travel destination, especially for Arab countries, and here are all the reasons why:

An Affordable Currency

European countries have a certain reputation for being crazy expensive, especially with their currency being euros, but when it comes to Armenia, it’s a whole different story. Meet the Armenian Dram, where one Egyptian Pound is 8 drams while one dirham is 106 drams. Do you know what that means? Affordable shopping, so get those wallets ready!

Pedestrian Friendly

In cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there aren’t many places to walk except for designated areas like the Marina or the Palm Jumeirah. Even in cities like Cairo, there aren’t many places to walk with ease, knowing how crowded the city is. That is what makes Armenia refreshing, as, like most European cities, it’s pedestrian-friendly. You can explore the entire city on foot.

Shops Don’t Close Early Like In Europe

When traveling to Europe, once the sun sets, you feel as though the entire continent has fallen asleep. Some shops, like ones in French cities, close as early as 7 p.m.

Now, with us Arabs living in cities like Cairo that literally never sleeps, early shop closures can be a real deal breaker. Knowing how shops don’t close early in this European space is what makes Armenia a great country to visit.

Really Good Food

You can’t visit a country without getting a taste of its food; it’s connected to its culture and heritage. With Armenian food, you’ll get to experience a taste of a cuisine as rich and diverse as the country itself.

The beauty of this cuisine is that it likes to go back to the roots of things, with most dishes made by hand and using traditional methods. For example, their massive flaky bread, known as lavash, is made in a Tonir, an underground oven shaped like a hollow hole.

It’s Visa Free For Several Arab Countries

When traveling, there’s a lot to plan for and prepare, including the visa, flight tickets, accommodation, and much more.

Imagine if there’s a way to not have to worry about one of the biggest hassles when traveling: the visa. Well, with Armenia, the visa isn’t an issue for several Arab countries, including Qatar and the UAE, as both are visa-free countries.

Well, there you have it. Five different reasons to visit this underrated European country this summer. Tell us, was it already on your bucket list, or did we sway your decision?

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