Pocket-Sized Pleasures: Mini Foods Taking the MENA Region by Storm

While scrolling through Instagram, did you ever see those videos of giant hands cooking teenie tiny food? Your eyes won’t be able to dart away from the screen as you watch a tiny wooden spoon swirl in a tiny cooking pot filled with tomato sauce.

Let’s admit it: a lot of us want to get a taste of these mini-creations. Well, now you can do that, as many tiny foods are being sold across the region:

Dubai’s Tiniest Cake 

Ever wanted to eat a cake guilt-free? At Dubai, the Korean Gâto Cake Studio and Cafe whips out delicious tiny cakes. Known as the “Diet Cake,” these cakes are served mini; they come in a set of 6 and are decorated to your liking. To get your hands on this whimsical creation, you can contact them using this link.

Egypt’s Mini Croissant  

The fresh, buttery, and flaky crescent-shaped French pastry known as the croissant is known to have made global hearts swoon. Lovers of croissants wish for any possible way to eat it, so it’s our pleasure to introduce the beloved pastry in mini cereal form.

These tiny croissants by XO Dough are enjoyed with a chilly bowl of milk. They come in many flavors, including lotus, caramel chocolate, and many others.

Saudi Arabia’s Mini Burgers  

They’re juicy, thick, and super filling, and burgers are the go-to for many as the ultimate fast food. There’s one catch, though: they can be fattening and are so addictive that some people would eat two of those meaty sandwiches.

If you want a way to enjoy them guilt-free, they come in mini sizes in Saudi Arabia. Served by Quad Burger, you can order a box filled with these mini burgers.

Kuwait’s Tiny Cookies

Soft, goey with those crispy edges, who doesn’t love biting into a chocolate chip cookie? Dunking in milk is the icing on the cake. Now picture that very same cookie but then shrink it until it becomes the size of a tiny disc.

It exists all the way in Kuwait, in a bakeshop known as Thinners. You can get these tiny cookies served plain or as cookie sandwiches.

Keeping things tiny is a pretty fun way of enjoying your favorite snacks and desserts. Let us know, which of these mini foods would you try?

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