Purple Reign: Egypt’s El Malky’s Taro Dessert Takeover 

In Egypt, we call it “Ol’aas”. Abroad, It’s purple, sometimes it tastes like cereal, sometimes it has no taste at all. That is taro for you. The South Asian vegetable that made it all the way to Egypt, taking over bubble tea shops and Asian restaurants. Now, it’s made its way to El Malky.

Recently, the dessert shop introduced us to a set of cool new desserts where the main ingredient is the beloved taro. El Malky loves its big reveals and concocting hilarious storylines for its whimsical desserts and with taro, there was no exception.

Arrival of the New Moon

When the clock struck 12 and the calendar page arrived on April 8, a new moon arrived as well. El Malky then took it upon themselves to share a purple hued crystal ball on Instagram, asking viewers what they think the dessert shop has prepared for April 8.

Fans scoured to make guesses but none came close. Then came April 8 and their new dessert, the aptly named “Taro Moon” took over their Instagram grid. After making their gigantic konafa pyramids for Ramadan, they wanted to go bigger and literally shoot for the moon with this dessert.

Housed within a white chocolate shaped moon with taro spirals is a purple filling of taro mousse with caramelized almonds and cake. It’s “out of this world”, excuse the pun.

A Scoop of Taro

Moon shaped taro isn’t all, they also made their very own purple taro icecream cakes. Icy and sweet with that soft layer of cake below, it’s the ultimate dessert during the upcoming hot summer days.

Mesakh-sakha Taro?

Yeah, you heard that right. Their special mesakh-sakha, a funky take on the beloved Mexican Tres Leches, got a new look with that purple shiny coating of taro atop the 3 milk cake. It doesn’t just look good, it tastes good too.

With such a unique trio of taro desserts, El Malky is ticking off every dessert lover’s bucket list. We honestly cannot keep up with them. Who knows what they’ll come up with next.

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