If You Can’t Visit the Pyramids, Now You Can Eat Them This Ramadan at El Malky

I have a question: if you ever came face to face with the almighty Pyramids, did you ever think, “I wonder how it’d feel to eat 7000 years of history?” Well… El Malky gave us the answer. The Ramadan dessert game is starting off earlier than we thought, as El Malky has whipped out a dessert steeped in history.

Meet Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure in Konafa form—yeah, you heard that right! Things get pretty real when you watch their ad. You first see the pyramids in real life among the endless sand dunes, and in a quick flash, bam, three giant Konafa pyramids appear out of nowhere in place of the original three.

We have questions: When we go to buy the El Malky pyramids, do you get the set of 3, or do we instead get two Khufus and a Khafre, or maybe just a Menakure if we’re short on cash?

We all know that you must be wondering what’s hidden inside the Konafa Pyramids. Well, inside each one are all-time favorite fillings, from pistachio and chocolate to mango. Of course, El Malky has to add its touch of creativity, so they decided to fill one of the pyramids with fig toffee. You’ve got to keep things local.

On TikTok and Instagram, the dessert is already making a lot of noise, and of course, people are talking. “Does this mean that the pharaohs built the pyramids with ghee instead of cement?” one user commented.

Now the question is, will this dessert be all the hype this Ramadan or be a flop? We’ll just have to see!

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