Emirati Influencer Taim AlFalasi’s Egyptian Escape: Cairo in 48 Hours

Blending fashion, travel, and food is Emirati influencer Taim AlFalasi who has been generating quite the buzz across social media.

AlFalasi does it all, but her coolest content has to be her “Travel With Taim” series. Set up as a vlog, she hits up the hottest travel destinations, such as Istanbul, and then she films herself experiencing everything in the city either for 48 hours or 3 days.

Her latest video was at Masr Um El Donia (Egypt), a jam-packed video of spots to hit up in just 48 hours. Super informative and packed with spots, in just one video, she hit up El Kus Restaurant, Semsema, Khufu’s, the pyramids, and many other spots.

Every foodie is going to enjoy her food-fueled content where she gives very honest reviews and keeps it real. Her interactions with the locals are also entertaining, as she belts out “Arkab el Hantoor” while on a hantoor ride.

In addition to Cairo and Istanbul, she filmed a 3-day itinerary “Travel With Taim” video at Marmaris in Turkey. To experience her content for yourself, you can check out her official Instagram page, which is packed with unique travel vlogs and picturesque moments that’ll inspire your inner wanderlust.

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