Amir Eid New Watchit Show “For Travel Reasons”: Can You Guess His New Role?

Broody, mysterious and guitar loving is everyone’s beloved Amir Eid when he starred as Shadi in the 90s flick all about Rivo, the famous bygone boy band that took over Egypt years ago. Now, he is diving into uncharted waters with a whole new drama series known as “For Travel Reasons”.

Set amidst the vibrant backdrop of Cairo is a show filled with suspense, emotion, and unexpected plot twists with a star studded cast that includes Kamel al-Basha, Nadine, Ayman al-Sheiwi, and others.

When it comes to his role, none are the wiser as to how it will come to appear on the screen. Can you make any guesses? No longer will he play the brooding character with a heavy and layered past… Maybe this time, he will dive into a bit of comedy or take on a more upbeat role in the show coming to Watchit pretty soon.

Anything is possible. So, let us know your own guesses? The more creative, the better!

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