Lights, Camera, Cairo: Here Are The Egyptian Films That Took Center Stage in US Theaters

Did you know that many Egyptian films went global? How? Well beyond blockbusters like Marvel or the Fast & Furious movies, several cinemas in the US air Egyptian films on their screens. Some of the cinemas include Regal and AMC cinemas.

With that, let’s take a look at some of those films that got sprung into the global limelight:


Arriving at cinemas just last year is ‘Harley,’ a film that generated quite the buzz in American theaters as the young crowd was excited to see Egyptian superstar Mohamed Ramadan grace the screen.

As usual, Ramadan took on a role that saw him on the cusp of action. In the film, he plays a mechanical engineer returning from the Gulf and joining a gang in Egypt.

Ruby House

Putting Kareem Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Kareem Abdel Aziz in the same film together for the first time made the summer 2023 flick ‘Ruby House’ a crowd magnet. Theaters were sold out in the US because of the dynamic duo.

Another One

Who doesn’t love Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy’s sweet smile and contagious comedy? Knowing that he hadn’t acted in years, when he appeared in Wahed Tany in 2022, all his American fans showed up to tune in. Playing a prison social worker who loses his passion for life, the actor resorts to an invention that may restore his passion again.



An Egyptian superhero? Yeah, you heard that right! Tamer Hosny got to star as a high-flying superhero for the first time in a comedy film called Tag. Beyond airing in cinemas across Egypt, the film also got to air all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in the US.

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The beauty of these Egyptian films getting screened abroad has Arab Americans getting to witness these films on the big screen, something they could only do when they traveled back home. If you’re living in America, did you yourself get to catch any of these films?

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