Luxurious Scents of the Arab World: Unveiling the Top Perfume Houses

Spritzing on an addictive scent is the ultimate way to inject that feel-good spirit before you go out. Beyond the global scents we know and love, across the region are in-house brands specialized in crafting unique scents. Let’s get to know some of the most prominent perfume brands across the region:


Back in 1983, the Sultan of Oman wanted to restore the delicate art of Arab perfumery, so he established Amouage, a luxury perfume house. For years, they have been crafting luxurious perfumes made with the richest ingredients like agarwood, incense, musk, rose, and spices.

Continuing to boast and celebrate Arab heritage, even the Amouage perfume bottles are Arab in style. Their bottles with women’s scents are inspired by the Palace Ruwi Mosque in Muskat (Oman), while the bottles with the men’s scents are inspired by the Khanjar, the traditional dagger of Oman.


The Iraqi-American-Emirati beauty mogul Mona Kattan, known as the ‘perfume princess’ of the Middle East, brought to life her very own perfume brand, Kayali. Inspired by the rich fragrance-layering heritage of the Middle East, the popular brand has four signature scents that include vanilla, citrus, musk, and elixir.

Now they have even more scents that include everything from smoky oud to lychee.

Swiss Arabian

A brand with a story, back in 1974, coming from the perfume business, Mr. Hussein Adam Ali’s passion for crafting scents blossomed into him establishing Swiss Arabian as the first-ever perfume house in the UAE.

This is a perfume brand that merges the East with the West. For example, its Passion of Venice fragrance emasculates Venice’s mysterious beauty through its premium-class woody musk. Beyond perfumes, the brand’s repertoire also includes hair mists and scented oil products.

Morshedy Perfumes

Hassan Morshedy, CEO of real estate empire Memaar Al Morshedy showed that he’s a jack of all trades by creating his very own perfume brand called Morshedy Perfumes.

He developed 6 unique unisex brands, including Oud M, Noirs, Naphisa (with cherry liquor and bitter almond), I Am (scent of Bergamot), Zyhra (Orange and sandalwood), and Rouge 84 with scents of Jasmine and Saffron.

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

One of the oldest Arab perfume brands is Saudi Arabia’s Abdul Samar Al Qurashi, which was brought to life in 1852. Today, it boasts one of the largest perfume collections in the Arab World, offering everything from body musk to incense, body oud, perfumes, and perfume oils.

Recently, they even created a new scent called Rannat Khilal with Huda Kattan as the face of the new fragrance.

Across the Arab World, all these perfumeries crafted their very own unique scents and fragrances rooted in rich Arab heritage. Tell us, which one is your go-to brand?

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