Life After Eid: 5 Types of Co-Workers You’ll See Back at Work

As the Eid vacation comes to an end, workplaces around the world witness an array of personalities returning to their desks. From the enthusiastic cheerleaders to the sleepyheads struggling to wake up, here are 5 types of people you might encounter post-Eid vacation:

The Post-Vacation Cheerleader

This person returns from Eid vacation like they just won the lottery. They’re bursting with energy and ready to take on the world, making you wonder if they left the office at all.

The Perfect Trip Guy

This type can’t stop talking about their amazing Eid trip. They’re the reason your social media feed is flooded with envy-inducing holiday photos, leaving you wondering if they’re being paid by a travel agency to promote Eid destinations.

The Zen Master

This person returned from vacation with a newfound sense of calm and inner peace. They breeze through tasks, unfazed by deadlines or office drama. Their secret? Probably a combination of meditation, beach walks, and leaving work emails untouched during their time off.

The Knowledge Sponge

This individual spent Eid vacation devouring books, podcasts, and online courses. They’re back with more random facts than Wikipedia and a burning desire to share their newfound wisdom with anyone who will listen.

The Sleepy Head

Last but not least, we have the sleepyhead coming back to work after Eid like facing a firing squad. They might arrive late, yawn frequently, and take longer-than-usual coffee breaks. It’s not that they don’t want to work; they’re just still in vacation mode, dreaming of sunny beaches and lazy afternoons.

Navigating the post-Eid work circus means embracing the quirky characters around you, finding humor in the chaos, and maybe investing in noise-canceling headphones for those vacation stories that just won’t end.

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