A Trip To The Dark Side With Top Villains Of Ramadan 2024 TV Season

This Ramadan season, show creators opened the creaking dusty door of an abandoned closet, which housed some of the most twisted and depraved characters to grace our screens.

These characters make our blood boil, cause our teeth to clench, and make us question humanity as a whole. Meet the ultimate villainous characters of this year’s Ramadan TV show season.

*Spoiler alert*

Malak – Husband Stealer

Dina El Sherbiny’s on-screen husband on Kamel El Addad +1, Ahmed (Sherif Salama) epitomises the ultimate ideal husband who literally ticks all the right boxes. He’s got the looks, he’s got the job as a renowned plastic surgeon, and he’s got the charisma.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that his very own student, Malak (Miran Abdelwareth), is head over heels in love with him. The girl is on a mission to steal that man from his wife, and trust us, none of us have it!

Magdy Hashish – Corruption At Its Finest

Our world is full of irony, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that what’s supposed to be a justice-seeking institution often turns out to be extremely corrupt. Cue Magdy Hashish (Roshdy El Shamy), the big-shot lawyer responsible for introducing a corrupt foreign pharmaceutical company to Egypt.

The entire plot of the show revolves around his constant schemes to cover his dirty tracks as well as keeping an eye on the two brothers, Ali (Essam Omar) and Hussein (Ahmed Dash), who are also linked to the case.

Yomna – Husband Killer

Sometimes, in a marriage, our partner can make us reach a boiling point. Well, that’s what happened with Yomna (Saba Mubarak) in Lahzet Ghadab, who’s probably married to the worst husband to walk the Earth, Sherif (Mohamed Farag).

Toxic, narcissistic and just plain mean, he really pushes her buttons to the point where in a fit of rage, she kills him. Yep, you heard that right.

From there, we get to see her stuck in the life of a killer trying to cover her tracks and not even trying to confess her heinous crime.

Salah & Sarah -The Killing Duo

The double S couple, Salah (Ahmed Zaher) and Sarah (Arwa Gouda), are the kind of villains who think they’re sly and sneaky, but they turn out not to really have a knack for the whole villainy track. Why? Well, they couldn’t even do a proper killing.

Via Shahid

After literally burying his wife Ne’ma (Mai Omar) alive, he and his mistress, Sarah, later discover that she’s far from buried or dead. Nothing is juicer or more entertaining than watching an act of properly crafted revenge and Ne’ma really took the torch with this one.

Hassan Al Sabah – Enigmatic Cult Leader

The first time we all tuned into El Hashasheen this Ramadan, many of us probably did a double take when we saw the beloved and cute Karim Abdel Aziz transformed into a thick bearded, cloak-donning, and spine-chilling cult leader, the infamous Hassan Al Sabah.

He visits you in your dreams, promises you entry into heaven, and makes you feel like you’re part of a community. Al Sabah is the ultimate charismatic leader who, since the start of the show, excelled at gathering followers for his cause while, at the same time, killing anyone not on his side.

Do we love them? Do we hate them? There’s a reason why villains do so well on TV: they play with our emotions, moral compass, and conception of life. Let’s hope the second half of Ramadan will bring the same level of rich villainy.

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