Morocco Welcomes UAE Residents with Hassle-Free eVisa: These Are The Spots To Hit Up

UAE residents rejoice as traveling to Morocco just got a whole lot easier because of a new update.

Now, UAE residents can apply for an eVisa to visit Morocco without having to go to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entire application can be completed online through a web portal from the comfort of their homes.

Knowing this, Morocco is likely to be on many people’s travel bucket lists. The country is calling, so it’s time to book that flight. To make it a special trip, we picked out spots curated to different personalities and tastes:

Hiking Aficionado: Climb The High Atlas Mountains

Valleys, plateaus, and soaring peaks make up the hiking wonderland known as the High Atlas Mountains. Travelers arriving at the unique destination can journey through hiking trails, discover archaeological sites, and meet with locals.

At the Ameln Valley, travelers can try out the available short hikes and climbing routes or go for the longer treks at Jebel Siroua (3,305m). For the wild hearts, you can camp out on this trek with the rush of knowing that it’s home to a dramatic volcano.

Lover Of Blockbusters: Visit Aït Ben Haddou

If you’ve watched Game Of Thrones, you’ll have seen the scene where Khaleesi stood outside the gates of a fortified Moroccan village known as Aït Ben Haddou. You can actually visit it and re-live some of your favorite moments from the show.

Aït Ben Haddou is an 11th-century mudbrick ksar and is considered one of the most striking and well-preserved ancient sites in Morocco.

What’s interesting is that that entire region is known as Morocco’s very own Hollywood or ‘Ouallywood,’ as at its Atlas Film Studio, major classics were filmed, including Gladiator, Prison Break, and Kingdom Of Heaven.

Craving Peace: Head To Essaouira 

A lot of us crave an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Sometimes a simple and quiet vacation where you can walk and enjoy the breeze can be just what the doctor ordered. That’s when you need to pick Essaouria as your destination.

The quaint seaside town, home to old and simple homes, makes for a great vacation spot. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the Medina or take in gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can even go horse riding or check out the Essaouira Citadel, a robust fortress along Morocco’s coast.

History Buff: Travel To Fez

Lovers of history like to go back to the roots and early beginnings of a town or city. In Morocco, Fez is that city, as it dates all the way back to the 8th century when it was founded as Morocco’s first capital.

Within that city is Fes el-Bali, a sprawling medieval Medina home to labyrinthine alleys and historic sites, a goldmine for history lovers.

Visiting Fez is like stepping back in time. Within its bustling Medina, you’ll witness traditional craftsmanship and visit tanneries where leather is dyed using age-old techniques.

Craving Nature: See Aït Bouguemez 

If you’re used to city life and crave escaping to a world dominated by nature, Aït Bouguemez is the place for you. It’s a deep valley with gorgeous peaks on all sides, while the center is checkered with a patchwork of green gardens and yellow wheat and barley crops.

It’s a simple village life dominated by Berbers and women with backs loaded with wheat walking along well-trodden paths. Because it exudes traditional rural living, it’s a great place to connect with Moroccan culture and unwind in beautiful scenery.

With this guide, there’s really something for every type of traveler. Whatever spot you pick, you’ll be able to appreciate the unique beauty of Morocco and all it offers.

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