NEOM’s Treyam: A Sky-High Oasis of Luxury and Adventure

NEOM is making waves once again! The 263,000-hectare Saudi Arabian smart city, which has been generating a lot of noise, is unveiling Treyam—a premier resort located where the desert meets the sea.

We want you to envision a long bridge hanging above a turquoise lagoon. Now, picture the top of the bridge boasting a 450-metre-long rooftop infinity pool. Looking down, the bottom side will be home to 250 luxurious rooms.

It’s truly out-of-this-world in design and sustainability. Being an elevated hotel, little land intervention will be needed during construction.

From a vantage point 36 meters above the sea, the pool becomes the true showstopper, as guests will feel like they’re floating while gazing at the tranquil lagoon stretching to the horizon.

Beyond being an architectural marvel, Treyam will be a hub of adventure and excitement, as the resort plans to boast thrill-seeking activities, including sailing, diving, and other water sports.

For guests who enjoy hotels for the sake of comfort, relaxation, and a much-needed dose of pampering, the hotel will boast luxury spa treatments, wellness offerings, and fitness amenities. It’ll have something for everyone.

Seeing as how NEOM isn’t holding back with its resort offerings, there’s much more to come with the smart city currently dominating the Kingdom.

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