Iran’s Missile Strike Sparks Global Crisis: What’s Israel’s Next Move?

On Saturday night, a shock rippled through the world as more than 350 missiles soared through the skies, heading to Israeli territories. Iran launched the attack in response to Israel’s strike of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. Today, the question on everyone’s mind is, what’s next? What is going to be Israel’s move?

After an international military coalition made up of countries like the US and UK helped thwart the Iranian attack, Israel’s war cabinet then met up without making a decision on the next steps they’ll take. The world is on a tipping point, all nervous for any sign of escalation from Israel.

What is the US saying?

When it comes to Biden and the US, it has been made clear that the country is not supporting an Israeli counterattack on Iran. During a call on Saturday, US president Biden told Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US will not be aiding in a counterattack.

Why is this important? Biden as well as his senior advisers believe that a counterattack could lead to a “regional war with catastrophic consequences”.

What’s next?

Beyond the call, Biden had a meeting with the G7 leaders who released a statement condemning the Iran attacks but also stressing that any escalation “must be avoided”. So far, it is unknown what Israel’s next steps will be and if they do attack back, what will be the repercussions.

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